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Lagosians on Saturday, June 15th, were treated to two hours of live Afrobeats, Soul, and R&B from acclaimed Nigerian artist Brymo. Taking the capacity crowd through a number of hits in his catalog, the shirtless Brymo had people on their feet getting a solid cardio workout with all the dancing. “Fe Mi” in particular really had people going.

However, looking at the seat allocations, we’re scratching our chins wondering who had the best seat in the house. The venue of the show was Terra Kulture in Victoria Island. There are two levels of seats with the first level on the ground floor where the stage is, and another level of seats above it.

Per Terrakulture, the seats on the ground floor close to the stage were “regular,” while the seats on the upper level were “VIP.”

Take a look for yourself

Ehhhhhhh, does that sound right? Let’s look at some video footage from the show. First, the “regular” seats. Click on the video below.

Here’s another clip with people at the stage dancing in front of Brymo. Again, these are “Regular” seats.

Now let’s look at footage from the “VIP” section

Where would you rather be sitting? This reminds us of seating at a sporting event. The closer you are to the action, the more exclusive and expensive the experience. Heck, Tables for shows at Eko hotel are closest to the stage and that’s why they cost the most.

Either we’re missing something or Terra Kulture needs to rethink how it sections its regular and VIP tickets for future shows. What do you think? Drop us a line and keep on talking!

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