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Since the introduction of the Automated Teller Machine in the early 90s, we’ve seen people flock out of the banking halls and straight to ATM galleries outside. Sometimes under the sun with different characters that some of us are already used to.

Here are some of the characters we’ve come across

1. The ‘I withdraw pass my neighbour’

Withdrawing more that others

These type of people will stay at the ATM for 5-6 days withdrawing for their entire generation. Only God knows what they want to use all that cash for

‘End transaction? No.

‘End transaction? No

‘End transaction? No

‘Ha! Oga mercy on others na

2. The “I too Know”

the i too know Nigerian

These ones will see everyone else ignored that one atm but will still carry their big head to try the atm. They will now have to do the walk of shame after it doesn’t work.

‘We that are here, are we foolish?’

3. The Lucky One

the lucky customer

These ones will go to the ATM everyone ignored to stand on one long queue and withdraw money successfully. 

‘Omo we be mumu o! So that ATM dey work?

4. The Johnny just come

the jolly customer

With this one, it takes about 10-15 people to help them before they can withdraw money. Some can be more difficult than others, shrugging all help advances…….just move on to another ATM gallery

5. The Over spiritual ones

lonely atm user

Absolutely No One

Random Person: Are you the last person?

‘I shall never be the last in Jesus name!’.

These guys have no chill whatsoever, they can slap you for making such a statement.

6. My friend and I

atm with the squad

These ones cannot go to the ATM without dragging somebody with them. Having long conversations on the queue like everyone else has no life, just skip to the front when they’re not looking.

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