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We’ve all been to church at some point or the other and can all agree that you will meet many characters under that holy roof. Sunday wouldn’t be the same without them, here are some of the people that just make the house of worship an extra special place.

1. The sleeper

These type of people try their hardest to stay up but they just can’t help it and I don’t blame them, with the trouble one goes through all week. They obviously didn’t get much sleep the night before. Then on top of that, the church will be nice and cold, sometimes the lights are dimmed and it just creates an atmosphere for a very nice sweet nap.

Sleeping in Church

2. The tongue speakers

Speaking in tonugues

The holy spirit has taken over so they have to do what they have to do! These type of people are forever speaking in tongues and sometimes just have you looking and trying to decode what exactly they are saying.

3. The walkers

These people want to part the row of chairs the same way Moses parted the red sea for us. The question is where are you going? Racking up those fit bit steps in church!

Stay in one place please.

4. The singers

These type of people you have to ask them why they won’t just join the choir for us? They are sitting three rows back but you can hear them singing from where you are. Their voice always stands out.

Hopefully they don’t have testimonies to give, no one wants to spend hours singing before the gist comes.

5. The body shakers

A case of epilepsy? Or are these guys praising God? Those standing next to them will just have to take a few steps to the side before they fall down or drag you down with them.

6. The aunties

“Funke, when will you marry?” sound familiar? Those aunties that are so concerned with your life decisions and are just waiting for the time when they can attend your wedding, so they can move on to their next question “Funke, where is the baby?”

Nigerian aunties
When you tell them you have career plans

7. The single and Searching

Sugar daddy in church

Some are single and not searching and vice versa. These days, the church is the best place to find your Future wife, Husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, sugar daddy, sugar mommy, sugar baby, a friend with benefits, we can go on all day.

You’ll find them mostly isolated and looking humble with a hint of pride, and always ready to mingle depending on how much they’re interested in you.

Now that you’ve recognised your favourite characters, find out what you should be wearing to church HERE.

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