M I and Vector
M I and Vector
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Growing up, it was ‘yarb battles’ instead of ‘rap battles’. Kids struggled to throw jabs at a competitor, and the loudness of the laughter of the audience would determine who was getting more points.

Sometimes it ended in tears when one competitor hit below the belt, maybe revealing family secrets. Moreso, it ended in fights, when a competitor made a mistake of throwing a jab at the other’s mother.

Vector’s first yarb

There was always a boundary but kids never respected that, and that is one common feature of a ‘rap battle’ and a ‘yarb battle’.

Did Pusha T respect boundaries when he aired the secret that Drake had a baby mummy off a supposed pornstar? Did M.I respect boundary when he insisted that Vector has never helped anyone grow in the industry?

A ‘beef’ which allegedly has it’s roots from a 2014 refusal of M.I to hop unto Vector’s King Kong song, has since become a full blown war, with M.I calling Vector “jealous jealous jealous”.

#TheViper: M.I’s knockout

Here is a brief history of the two rappers’ beef.

While y’all have been trolling M.I’s height, he made a talking point off it. I mean, you cannot shame the shameless.

M I Abaga played upon sounds to tell Vector that he (M I) was apparently more matured than Vector.

So, the genesis of all these diss track was when Vector ‘dragged’ M.I on IG?

In the words of our ancestors, “nobi who first go school dae carry first.” Which means that M.I has knocked off Vector’s upper tooth not minding that Vector started the fight.

So, it looks like this was one of those below-the-belt yarbs that would make kids start crying or throwing hands. “How can one take a missile to a knife fight,” many people asked, as M I told Vector he is not even top five rappers in Yoruba Land.

Maybe if you did not spend all your life running away from Physics, you would understand this.


Who is M I? Some call him Mr Incredible, and he calls himself the Chairman.


In #TheViper, M I accused Vector of not helping anyone stand. maybe he meant people in the music industry because Vector may have apparently helped a few people that M I may never have known about. But then, someone has something to say about that topic.

Well, some mischievous Twitter users have taken the opportunity to show their clownery.


Vector in all of these has refused to give up. He seems to be planning a come-back. Who is going to cry this time?

Be sure to get the latest reactions and gist on talkaboutmag.com.ng once Vector releases his clap-back.

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