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There are a lot of people who are absolutely charming, wonderful, polite, and perfect in the world of social media but try not to fall for them so quickly.

Here are 5 signs that show that you might just be falling in the wrong direction.

Where is the picture?

fake social media profile

It is not wrong to have an image of a celebrity as a display picture or none at all – but when the person is reluctant to send in a picture of his or herself, (and we don’t mean the other kind) then it is probably time to close your curtains. Both of you might have really connected, but an act is an act. You don’t want the ‘what I ordered vs. what I got’ situation, do you?

So, demand a picture! Just kidding, ask nicely.

The money talk.

empty purse

Money? Yes, money. Is the person low-key or high-key asking for money? People are good at telling stories, and their stories might be their billpayers. Don’t fall for it. 

The red flag this puts up is as big as the ocean bed of debt they would be drowning you in if you don’t take to your heels quickly.

No, don’t wait to see if you can help. Run!

Send me pictures.

send nudes

Now, back to the other kind of picture we talked about, the private ones. This is usually a bad sign if it happens so fast and you’re serious about dating the person. Don’t get this all wrong, it is not always a bad sign, but you know when you know.

I caught you! But Nahh…

why you lying on date

Catch the person telling one or two lies, or three, four or maybe five? Then don’t ignore that. 

If you are at the early stage of talking and you’re about to meet, don’t ignore that ‘little’ red flag of lies peeping from the corner. That flag might just be a sign that it is time to put up your own white flag and give up on the possible relationship.

When Your Potential Date Keeps Canceling On You

Drake got stood up

Are you going to meet the queen or wizkid? If the person keeps cancelling on you, he or she is obviously not really interested in you. Common, it’s 2019, you should know better and do better.

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