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Yesterday, the Pamilerin slap was trending. Same yesterday, Davido and Peruzzi came up with what looked like apologies. What kind of apology has a ‘But’ justifying the act of infraction in the first place?

Davido Tweeted, “I apologise to you Pamilerin on behalf of my brother and artist Peruzzi…but people need to know we are human beings and see everything. You said some harsh words to my brother and sometimes these things dey pain!” No, human beings see everything but react rationally. If Buhari and Atiku start to react to all tweets against them, only God knows the kind of prison some of us will be in right now.

Although the great big debate over this matter is sometimes some people deserve a big fat slap. Watch what you say and who you talkabout because some people will not feel sorry for you. If this was not a public affair involving a celebrity would people be standing up for Pamilerin or would the average Nigerian tell him to watch himself? Hmmm, let us not talk too much before a hand starts swinging our way. For more read here.

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