Aliko Dangote
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If you’re asking why Dangote wants to fix our universities then you are an over privileged ignoramus unaware of the basics issues affecting this country.

But you are a high minded talkabout reader so that past comment doesn’t apply to you.

Terrible living conditions in the hostels, poor security personnel, uninspired lecturers and a huge gapping hole in the funds department makes the foundation for an ageing institution with no prospects in terms of research projects bound to push boundaries. That’s the very long and depressing story of the typical Nigerian University.

Thankfully we have people like Aliko Dangote. Not only is his name the catchiest Burna boy song of the moment but he is one of the richest men in Africa, a philanthropist and most importantly……a Baller.

Dangote has always been a big advocate of education donating huge sums of money to universities in a bid to improve their hostels and study facilities, talk about being generous.

With the Nigerian population currently exceeding 200 million, Dangote knows there will be a major rise in the students going into financial institutions……like demand and supply, these universities will not be able to keep up.

He wants the private sector to go beyond just the payment of 2 percent education levy and be ready to join hands with the state and federal governments in expanded funding for tertiary education in Nigeria.

This will be great if it works out, and the possible fix we need to get the Nigerian education system working again.

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