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Edo State House of Assembly Speaker, Frank Okiye, has called for a collective fight against the coronavirus pandemic as he survived the scare of the virus after testing negative twice.

He was said to have contracted the disease during his visit to the United Kingdom and was afterwards subjected to treatment after showing symptoms.

But speaking on Tuesday, April 21, on his survival journey, Okiye disclosed that what saved him was early treatment after he became symptomatic.

“The virus is not a death sentence as people claimed. It is common knowledge that the virus has no cure or vaccine, It is not a death sentence,” he added.

People should take the directives of the government and health experts on social distancing and other instructions seriously. “What saved the day for me was early treatment. The test was carried out after I became symptomatic. It is better to know your status early enough.

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“Suspecting that I was exposed, I needed to save my family, so I contacted the commissioner for Health who came with a team of medical professionals to inspect the place set up for my self-isolation,” Okiye said.

On how he overcame the virus with local herbs, he said: “I started overcoming the virus with local herbs and medication.

“I was placed on dru’gs to deal with the symptoms. Few days later, I started feeling better. Mine was with mild symptoms. I was not hit hard by the virus.”

The isolation period made him feel like a prisoner, though “I had to keep my spirit very high in line with what the Bible prescribes,” the speaker added.

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