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Punch News has interviewed Mr Peter Obi, the immediate past PDP VP candidate for the 2019 Nigeria Presidential election. He seems to have a mantra already on the economy which is that Borrowing just for consumption is the highest form of corruption. In this interview, he talks about coronavirus and the economy. The full interview is located on Punch News.

How would you assess the way the Federal Government has handled the COVID-19 pandemic?

The COVID-19 situation has brought to the fore the cumulative effects of bad leadership over the years in the area of poor health infrastructure, inequality and so many other ills in the country. We have poor health infrastructure that was not created overnight. It also showed where we are in terms of development and that we are performing below expectations.

Who is to blame for this?

I have said that it is (to be blamed on) the cumulative effects of leadership failures over the years. All of us that have been leaders over the years should share in that blame. You cannot pick who exactly to blame, but if you look at the measure of development that is universally accepted which is the Human Development Indices, among which is life expectancy that bothers on health; while globally it is 75 years, in Nigeria, it is 54 and this means that we are 21 years below. If you look at our infant mortality and health infrastructure, we are not there. The second is education and the third is per-capita (income). So, looking at all these indices, you cannot tie the blame to one person or the other.

Full interview here.

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