Cameroon women football
Cameroon women football
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If you did not watch the match between Cameroon and England at the ongoing women’s FIFA world cup, then you are safe. Don’t watch if you want to get angry. The Cameroonian ladies were crying but that is to be expected for a competition where it appears to be biased. They claim the referee was biased with her various decisions, but football pundits think they do not know the rules.

Cameroon attacker, Nchout, had her goal cancelled and that opened the flood gate of tears, as she wept profusely, leading to a hold-up in the game. The game ended with England winning 3: 0, their highest ever on the international stage. However, a Cameroon protest appeared to rob the glory off England’s very important win. A cancelled goal, a penalty and an ‘offside’ goal, all joining in the pudding to make it a very tasty show of emotional outburst.

Who cheats who?

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