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Cardi B in Nigeria
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Cardi B’s visit has reignited the sisterly bickering between the two neighbors, Nigeria and Ghana.

Cardi B was in Ghana and Nigeria and Talkabout will bring you a nuanced exploration of all the gists. Don’t stop reading.

With a good budget, a one hour flight to Ghana from the bustling reality of Lagos would be bliss. Without a great budget, ABC Transport may take you there on one of their buses with quality comfort, in more hours than 5. Almost like a flight from Lagos to Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, but with a Visa…sort of.

Ghana, a country of about 45 million people, 1/4 of Nigeria’s 200 million population and in close proximity to Nigeria has continually been in competition with Nigeria, though the latter more often sees her as a junior, a little one that should be cared for.

Biased? I think not. Good thing, Ghana is likely doing better economically and politically. The last time anyone checked, no journalist or politician has been re-arrested inside the court by the Ghana Secret Police after perfecting a bail condition. However, it just happened in Nigeria not too long ago.

The last time I checked, Ghana’s FDI in 2018 is way bigger than Nigeria’s and the problem is not the people, because Nigeria’s diaspora remittance in 2018 is more than her Oil Revenue and 10 times more than Ghana’s. Nigeria is likely tending towards a failed state but Ghana if you ask me, is not doing badly, especially with its #YearOfReturn likely to make Ghana a tourist capital in West Africa.

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Oh wait! We are not here to be serious right? Its about entertainment and Cardi B came around to say ‘Hi’ to her Nigerian and Ghanaian friends and fans and from the verdict of social media users, it looks like it was a beehive of funny content.

First off, Cardi B, the renowned American rapper visited Nigeria and the highlight of her visit was her time at Silverfox Club, a strip club in Lagos, Nigeria. Afterwards, she spent time around spots in Lekki, while shopping at Ebeano Supermarket and posing to pictures of Zenith Bank Street Lights.

Let’s say it was a good experience, as she headed to a motherless baby’s home without the traditional ‘saving Africa’ picture that celebrities do take. Her time at Cubana hotel saw a lot of artists and celebrities enjoy time with her, buying her Champagnes upon Champagnes but Cardi B had to stick with her little bottle of stout which she has since fallen in love with.

A Nigerian OAP, Sandra Ezekwesili was available to run the commentary with a little pinch of jelousy incase Cardi B had a better time in Ghana than in Nigeria.

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As mentioned earlier, one hour and you are in Ghana from Lagos. Nothing too serious. The journey however got serious when Cardi B got into a hotel seemingly better than the one she lodged in Nigeria, to the glee of Ghanaians drooling over the ‘we hosted Cardi B better’ declaration. Lots of Nigerians did not like it and some Ghanaians took a jab at Nigeria’s hospitality industry, to the chagrin of people like Sandra Ezekwesili.

Well, lets say Ogun, Obatala, Amadioha and all the gods in Nigerian were alive to rescue Nigeria from the imminent shame of a foreigner having more entertainment in Ghana than Nigeria. This is likely important for Nigerians since we cant compete from the level of economy and politics.

Ghana on the other hand has always loved to have themselves in the same sentence as Nigeria. Apart from being members of ECOWAS and all that, there are justifiable reasons for Ghana and Nigeria to be on the same pedestal, except in Entertainment and Music.

As it stands, Nigeria is seemingly light years ahead in that one sector where both countries allow their youth thrive without irking regulations. Nigerians, no doubt respect Ghana’s biggest starts, including Sarkodie and Shatta Wale, and they do too.

However, they all understand that if all the streaming companies collated their highest streamed African songs, it is likely that Burna Boy will have at least 2 songs in the top 10, Wizkid at least one and Davido at least one. No gainsaying that Nigeria is Africa’s pop culture influencer with songs and dance steps travelling pretty fast from the coasts of Lagos to the rest of Africa.

The last time, it was Nigeria vs South Africa, anchored by AKA World Wide, and Burna Boy, but it soon showed the resentment that the two countries may have buried deep down over the years due to xenophobia. It is different with Ghana and Nigeria.

Except the usual Jollof Bants, Nigerians always support Ghana all the way, when they compete in world football re 2010 World Cup. Additionally, when other parts of Africa come for Ghana, on social media, Nigeria often shields the country. It then looks like it is only Nigeria that can banter Ghana and get away with it.

Well, that may be true with the level of banter Ghana has received with the Cardi B fail. There is hence no likelihood they may come back from it. However, One cannot be too sure that another country, say South Africa can banter Ghana without Nigeria taking offense and defending Ghana to the last, online.

Indeed, it looks like Ghana is Nigeria’s little sister, but with more potential to succeed in the future.

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