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Phew! A Chinese businessman, Tan Youhui was having issues with his competitor Wei Mou and decided to hire a hitman to ‘take care’ of the situation. Tan Youhui who was willing to pay the hitman 2 million yuan (N102,323,876) however got an unfortunate but very hilarious surprise.

The hitman hired by Mr Youhui who probably wasn’t in the mood to kill any man himself (Bless his soul) decided to hire another hitman to do the job for half of the original price. This second hitman whose schedule was probably full decided to subcontract another hitman, who then subcontracted the fourth hitman who gave the job to the fifth hitman.

However as the contract moved, the price of the kill dropped and the fifth hitman took the highest, you know, hit. Being unsatisfied with the price, and in fact, infuriated, he decided to wait for it… tell the target to fake his own death! Yup. This led to the fifth hitman telling the police.(There you were thinking this won’t get any funnier).

The businessman and the chain of hitmen were all convicted of attempted murder by acourt in Nanning Guangxi after a trial that lasted for three years.

The businessman who hired the hitman was sentenced to five years. The second, third and fourth assassin was sentenced to three years and a few months while the fifth assassin was sentenced to two years and seven months. For what could be considered conspiracy and attempted murder all in one, their sentence seems light, don’t you think?

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