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Building your immune system in COVID-19 times, your body needs vitamins and minerals to build your immune system. They are like corner stones.

Tumeric, ginger, garlic, curry and all those things will do little for your immune system. It’s like focusing on interior decoration when your roof is leaking.

Your body has cells that fight against diseases. Vitamin C accumulates in these cells and helps them do their work Also, the layer of cells for example in your nose, mouth etc called epithelium help prevent against diseases by forming a barrier that is supported by Vitamin C.

Another interesting part is this: Your body cannot produce it, so you have to take it in from other sources. Your body doesn’t store it either, so you have to always replenish it when it goes down. Almost like fuel.

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When we say Vitamin C, fruits like oranges, mango, watermelon for instance have the highest sources, but also green peppers and tomatoes also have Vitamin C in high sources. How do you always ensure you get what your body needs.

Adults need between 75mg to 120mg of Vitamin C everyday. Breastfeeding mothers need about 120mg. People who hang around smokers need higher amounts. That’s about 3 oranges or one glass of Chivita 100% fruit juice.

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