Ethiopia Coup
Ethiopia Coup
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Early 23rd of June, 2019, lo and behold, it was breaking news. Africa did not suddenly not become the face of poverty in the world. Also, Boko Haram did not surrender. So what then happened?

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The Spirit of Africa, Ethiopia was at the brink of collapse just today. If the spirit collapses, what would the body do? A coup was thwarted in Ethiopia. How could a military general opt for a coup, as a way to ascend governance of a regional government? That is devilish and dumb at the same time. He is just asking for bloodshed, unprovoked because the FG forces will come for him.

In all of these, Brig-Gen Asaminew Tsige has been noted by the Ethiopian PM, Abiy, as the coup plotter. Already, the FG of Ethiopia has released a statement claiming that everything is under control, but you know government, they say one thing and mean another.

But there is a problem now, how will President Buhari react to the coup? Will he condemn it or praise it? If he condemns it, that would be contradictory because wasn’t he a former coup plotter…hmmm. But if he defends it, ahaaaa! His enemies will catch him. See the full story here.

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