Boeing 737 max 8
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For Boeing, 2019 has been a story of “from bad to worse”. The 737 MAX was supposed to be the golden child in their impressive product line-up. However, It now seems more like an overstimulated problem child.

We truly wonder what the boardrooms at Boeing look like these days. We wager they probably look like a full blown 24-hour crisis centre

Boeing’s latest headache is the revelation according to Bloomberg, that the company may have outsourced the development of the 737 Max 8 MCAS software to $9 an hour (N3240/Hr) workers to build and test the software, in a bid to cut costs and beat deadlines. Boeing shares are taking a pounding, based on this and also with new reports of their major customers planning to adopt Airbus models in a bid to stay relevant.

Airbus A320

The main point we want to talk about now is how did Boeing go from producing some the most reliable aircraft in the world, including the workhorse 737 series, to a plane increasingly feared by pilots and passengers? How?

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