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The BBN show seems to be getting hotter and tongues are quavering and wagging from all that pepper. It seems the evictions have brought the heat that the audience needed. The housemates Frodd, Mike, Tacha and seyi were all up for eviction and audiences did all they could to save their beloved housemates.

With all heart-wrenching moments that the selected housemates faced, Ebuka announced the possibility of a fake and a real eviction which eventually sent Tuoyo home. Tuoyo though? Quite a number of people were displeased with this choice since according to them, Tuoyo was the real life of the parties the audience have been known to complain about. But that did not get him enough votes to stay. In fact, the votes he got were significantly lower than the rest; not enough spice maybe?

Seyi and Tacha

Taking a look at the voting graph, it is quite obvious who the audience is rooting for. The BBN show is known for a lot of drama and the truth still remains that the most dramatic housemate remains in the house no matter how problematic. This seems to be the major reason why the audience voted massively for Tacha. However, biggie shocked the BBN housemates when he decided to evict Tacha and Seyi, giving the highest voted housemates a taste of the secret room; a room with all that entertainment, with that tiny bed for two and a room totally unknown to the rest of the housemates. Basically, while some housemates are still trying to wrap their heads around the evictions of Tacha and Seyi (and some secretly celebrating it), the duo is having a swell time watching them.

BBN evictions

Though the eviction may have shocked the BBN housemates, no one can deny that the real shock everyone is really looking forward to is the shock on Frodd’s face when Tacha and Seyi walk back into the house.

Now that Seyi and Tacha are stuck in the room alone, the audience is itching to see what comes next; bonding? Fighting? Who knows?

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