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An urgent message, we have reached a dire predicament. The Avengers have a new mission, and it isn’t Thanos this time but it still includes some blue powerful aliens.

We suspect the Marvel team is trying to use Avengers Reload to break Avatar’s record $2.788 billion box office run and become the new highest grossing movie in the world. What is more interesting is they seem to be taking a tutorial from Kylie Jenner billion dollar case. When the going got tough for Kylie and she just couldn’t make that billion dollar mark, a GoFundMe was created. Marvel seems to have upgraded this strategy and decided to do a whole re-release.

When this re-release was announced our first question was why? Endgame was a great movie, we thought that was the end. It was a hard pill to swallow, and we cried for hours, but we learned to live with it. And then, the directors decided to play with our hearts and release more scenes! But it’s okay, best believe we will be buying those tickets and finding out exactly what is happening in this re-release. It is said to include a deleted scene, a tribute and a few surprises. So who is going to say no right?

Avatar vs Avengers

The directors wouldn’t admit to this mission to beat Avatar, they attempted to move in silence. But the likes of Screen Rant, Variety and Hollywood Insider could sense their game. Avengers thought they were smart, but we are smarter. Unfortunately, Screen Rant is predicting that Avengers might still not beat this record. Either Kylie needs to work on her tutorials, or the Avengers team has to take better notes!

Will this Avengers strategy be a flop or bop, what are your thoughts?

Watch the Avengers review here.

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