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Alahji Atiku Abubakar has called on the Federal Government under President Buhari to support the embattled AFDB Boss, Akinwumi Adesina as he faces probes from the United States of America. In his statement released on Twitter, the former Vice President stated:

“In 2015, after 50 years of AfDB with Nigeria being its largest shareholder, I travelled around Africa at the instance of @MBuhari to lobby African Heads of States to support Dr @akin_adesina. Even now, we should all stand up and support Dr Adesina, Africa and @AfDB_Group. -AA”

BBC News stated these as a summary of Adesina and the US’ issues.

“The 20-point allegations of “impunity and bad governance” from unnamed employees have exposed a rift between Mr Adesina and ordinary staff.

The “Group of Concerned Staff Members of the AfDB” claimed that Mr Adesina has used the bank’s resources for self-promotion and personal gain while also paying out huge but undeserved severance packages to staff who resigned mysteriously, and favouring his fellow Nigerians.

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin personally signed a letter to the board rejecting an internal investigation that cleared Mr Adesina.

“Mnuchin’s move is significant because it has now cast a limelight on governance issues and on [the] importance of an independent investigation to uphold the integrity of the AfDB,” said Barbara Barungi, the bank’s former lead economist on Nigeria. “There are very few people that were willing to stick their necks out.”

Besides the core 54 African countries, the US is one of the 27 non-regional members of the AfDB and its second largest shareholder.”

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