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Nigerians welcomed the news of the fuel subsidy with cheers. However, others found a way to blame previous administrations on why the fuel subsidy lingered that much.

Atiku Abubakar, the former Presidential Candidate and previous VP all under PDP has stated that the Obasanjo Government tried removing the fuel subsidy but was stopped by Comrade Adams Oshiomole the former Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) President.

He tweeted, “The Obasanjo government in which I served commenced a phased subsidy withdrawal. I was tasked with negotiating with then NLC Chairman and current APC Chairman who stood strongly against it.

Nonetheless, we achieved two phases of subsidy removal of fuel and complete withdrawal of subsidy of diesel before we left office. -AA”

Adams Oshiomole is the present Chairman of the ruling All Progressive Peoples Congress (APC). Recall that the Godoluck Jonathan administration attempted to remove the fuel subsidy which was considered as a massive fraud, but was met with utmost resistance from the very popular ‘Ojota Rally’.

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