iPhone vs Pixel
iPhone vs Pixel
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As Google’s Pixel and Apple’s iPhone lock horns in tech, price, and features, people on social media have been trying to justify their love for either.

While those who are pro-iPhone are making jokes about the cameras of low-end android phones, those who are pro-android keep reminding iPhone users that they have been enjoying a particular feature before it was launched on iPhone.

Another group of people can’t stop asking, “Why would I use $1099 to buy an iPhone instead of buying a land in Akure?”. Well, this is a pointer to what people consider valuable, as some people’s problem is deciding on whether to buy a high-end iPhone, Pixel, Samsung or Huawei.

In a two million-tweet event, Apple just launched its iPhone 11 grade of mobiles, which include iPhone 11, 11 Max, 11 Pro, and the 11 Pro Max. As expected, it wasn’t long before the rudimentary iPhone vs Android war started after the launch.

Maybe you all should stop comparing Apples to oranges, and go full Apple vs Pixels.

Google is yet to release its Pixel 4, which eminently will compete with the iPhone 11 range of mobiles, but keeping it a 100%, it seems the Pixel 3 could hold its own against any iPhone in the market now.

No? Let’s take a look at specifics, such as camera, speed, and price.

Looking at Pixel 3 and iPhone 11 cameras, there are a few similarities. The phone makers have seemingly decided to settle for 12MP, at least for now. But that is not all, as there are a few differences based on their hardwares.


“The iPhone 11 features a 12MP ultra-wide and a 12MP wide lens… the Pixel 3 features a single 12MP lens,” says Anthony from Independent.

With the new iPhone 11, you would be having more camera options. However, does it compare with Pixel’s AI-enabled photo editing?


Do you care about screen sizes and display? Of course, we all do. If it matters much that your display is bigger, then the iPhone is yours for the taking, since the Pixel 3’s modest display of 5.5 inches hardly compares to the iPhone’s 6.1 inches.


Speed is often a big deal for phone users, especially following trends of large apps and games going mobile. But how do you compare apples and oranges? With Apple’s claim that its A13 Bionic is the fastest and most powerful chip in the world, Pixel 3’s Snapdragon 845 may just be playing second fiddle. However, chances are that the Pixel 4 would come with an even more powerful processor.

Upload speed test between an iPhone and a Samsung


Not trying to serenade the iPhone 11, but its 17 hours of video playback towers over Pixel 3’s 11 hours of video playback. High-end androids have often suffered from palpable battery dysphoria, as the lower end androids like Gionee and Infinix, break bread on this feature.

No wonder the lower end androids are more ubiquitous down the income ladder of developing nations. Power issues? Poverty? We may never know.

Almighty Price

It is most likely that price comes into play when considering phones, for many users. If this is you, then Apple has been able to surprise you with an offering so mouthwatering that $699 could get you the latest iPhone 11, against Pixel 3’s $799., a $100 dollar difference. I mean, why on earth would you want to forego one pound of Wagyu beef or archery set to buy a phone that would go 11 hours on you?

Because you cannot shame the shameless

However, you may be tempted to go for other members of the iPhone 11 family, like the Max, Pros and the Pro Max. Those come with a different price tag that would upturn our recent calibrations on your value for money.

Value for Money

Finally, the iPhone 11 may just have the highest value for money compared to the Pixel 3, but the last time I took a picture with an iPhone 10 and a Pixel 3, a simple majority vote of 5 iPhone users gave the day to the Pixel. Not used the iPhone 11 camera but my 5 friends may be likely looking for their ‘iPhone has the best camera’ revenge soon.

In conclusion, you know that products are great when there is no clear winner at the end. However, iPhone 11 seems to have more value for money than Pixel 3, considering that it comes with a year’s subscription of Apple TV, a longer battery and three camera lenses, “One for you, one for the FBI and one for Russia,” they joked.

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