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It’s almost exam period and you’re entering the library for the first time in the semester. You failed last semester, you can’t fail this time. You see your friend on his way there too. You laugh. You know you’re probably both deceiving yourselves, but it’s worth the try.

You get to the library, take your seat and scan the room. Here’s a list of the people you’ll meet there.

The Reader

This person is actually at the library to read. Their heads are down in their books; they’re reading and taking notes. That’s what you came here to do too, but nothing is entering your head. You swear you’ve tried; maybe this school thing is just not for everyone.

The Gister:

There are usually two of them. They sit a bit far from each other so they have to whisper very loudly. One of them is extremely funny so they’re always snickering. You want to punch them in the guts because they’re disturbing, but you remember that you’re not even reading so there’s no need to be angry. The librarian always ends up sending them out.

The Phone Charger

This one doesn’t have light in his house or hostel. He came here to charge his phone. He’ll put a book in front of him but his eyes will always be on his phone. He’ll always stand up to go and check it. Once it’s full, they’re out.

The Sleeper

This one will go and sit in front of the AC and be forming “I grew up in Canada.” He’ll open his book, but five minutes later, he’s gone. He’ll wake up when he hears a sound, and starts “reading” even before his eyes open, just to show that he was never sleeping.

The Self Deceiver

These ones go to the library shelf and pack all the books there. They’ll heap 10 books on themselves and stagger as they walk to their seats. You know that they will not open any of those books. Last last, just one. They’ll spend time arranging the books and how they’ll use them one by one, but after some time, they’ll get tired and leave.

The Move Watcher

Earphones plugged, head down, he’s ready to go. He just needs the AC and the quietness. When he’s done he’ll stand up and leave. No pretense no forming. A true soldier.

The Observer

Then there’s you. You’re here to watch, your head keeps turning like a standing fan. You spend the entire time looking at the person who is reading and the person who is sleeping and the person who is watching movies. Before you know it, you’re hungry and you “can’t read on an empty stomach” so you stand up and leave. A day well spent.

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