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This billion dollar industry is taking global economies by storm. When money starts talking, people listen. First, Uruguay legalizes cannabis, followed by Canada. Now, many states in the US are swiftly changing their stance joining the legal weed parade.

The church of England is part of this parade too, a shocking development claims they plans to invest its $16 billion portfolios into marijuana. The church of England justified these decisions by saying the acceptance of marijuana for medical purposes is growing. You’ve to stop and wonder if the Church’s loyal parishioners constitute a potential market? We are still on hold for that one.

Legalizing marijuana could be good for our economy, potentially creating more jobs, and dismantling the black market (it exists and thrives). If we have so much cannabis just sitting in Ondo state, why do we keep burning it? Research has also shown that medical cannabis helps those dealing with cancer, migraines, seizures and so much more. Nigeria could be helping with world health and growing our economy simultaneously. Win, Win, High!

World demand for magic brownies and cookies is going through the roof. Governor Akeredolu could be just be onto something here.

Read more about Governor Akeredolu here.

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