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Sometimes it seems like rather than moving forward, Nigeria is hell-bent on moving in the opposite direction. On Thursday evening the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) decided to suspend Daar Communications, owners of Africa Independent Television (AIT) until further notice. Some beef maybe?

NBC claims that this was because AIT failed to follow the broadcasting code. Further expressing their disdain by mentioning AIT’s constant use of ‘hate speech’ and ‘divisive and inciting comments’ that are said in the context of the current administration. Uhh, okay.

Silencing journalists are some of the things we have seen around the world all too often in the last few years and it is extremely clear why it is a problem. The media is one of the main platforms used to communicate information to an audience, and if organizations seek to censor that, they are impeding on our free speech, limiting honest conversation and breaching access to information. It is literally like putting a hand over someone’s mouth…can anyone put a hand on your mouth and you will just sit down there?

What makes this worse is when it is done because a platform is voicing views that do not coincide with yours. Red flag! Not only that, what else do we own that Nigeria wants to limit, please? First, it’s our light, then it’s our fuel, now it’s our speech! Thank God for Twitter. #ComanBeatMe

ait protest

Many prominent figures expressed their disdain for NBC’s actions including President of The Guild, Funke Egbemode, stating “This action is unbelievable.  Why would the government do this in a democracy? This action is unacceptable and will not stand,”. As well as The National Chairman of the PDP, Prince Uche Secondus, expressing “This action of the government is most undesirable and unfortunate. It is an indication of what to come as the government must be planning to arrest Nigerians indiscriminately”.

We’ll be watching from the TalkAboutIt Headquarters as this unnecessary Nigerian drama unfolds and of course, we won’t stop talking about it…neither should you.

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