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Remember the old FaceApp from a few years back? It’s grown older and wiser! It’s back with better features, and the main feature trending shows what you’ll look like when you’re old…..really old. The App uploads your selected photo to the cloud for its AI processing which gives the realistic rendition of what we might look like in the next 50 years, now is this fun or creepy?

Well nobody cares it’s the new trend. Everyone including celebrities dubbing it as the #AgeChallenge with everyone on social media taking part in the fun. Here are some of the best photos we’ve seen so far.

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Crazy right? Well before you jump on the FaceApp #AgeChallenge train or if you have already, there are a few red flags on the app that we’ve noticed.
1. The app uploads your photo to its cloud, there are speculations that it also uploads the whole camera roll on your device. Hmmm, this includes screenshots of delicate information and private photos or even the nasty ones. Though Guardian App CEO Will Strafach has not found any evidence on this yet but investigations are still ongoing.
2. The App takes photos from your device without asking for permission, this is a major red flag. A system security update might do the trick but if you have given the app access, are you sure it hasn’t done the damage already? Anyone feel like we are living in a Black Mirror episode.

3. The fact that the app uploads your photos to the cloud, this means your photo is in a server database somewhere in Russia? Timbuktoo who knows, no one knows what they’ll be using your face for.

Did you read the user agreement? Well, we didn’t either, no time. But there’s a chance you just signed off your face to be used in a billboard ad somewhere far away.
You know how Sean Paul doesn’t know he’s an ambassador for so many barbing saloons in Nigeria or how Jay Z doesn’t know he owns a sachet water business in Lagos, well that might be the case with your face and personal details.

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