Faceapp privacy worries
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This week all over social media there has been a circulation of old people on Instagram. Now how did this happen you ask? We’re going to tell you even though you did not ask. Faceapp, an addictive image app built by Russians with privacy worries that they can access your data legally.

Some celebrities in the abroad made a post with a young and an old version of themselves on the gram, next thing everyone jumped on it and it became a trend. Yes, that’s the short story about it.

So how did the Russians come into this matter, hehe, We will still tell you. 

The company that built the app is based in Russia, the developers are Russians and if you’ve been following global news and the very famous American elections that brought everyone’s sweetheart, Donald Trump into power you would know that the Russians are the last people on earth you want to have controlling your data.

The FaceApp has terms and conditions that state that they own the right to your images and whatever data you exchanged with them while trying to see yourself in the future. The Faceapp privacy worries may not be unfounded, following the Russian election meddling saga.

The Good news is,  FaceApp claims that the data is never transferred to the Russians, so you can hopefully continue having fun checking how cute you will look when you are old, without the fear of the KGB remote controlling all aspects of your life. 

However, we would recommend that you be careful with what information you share with these apps and maybe read the fine print some times, but until next time keep laughing at how you look. 

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