good education vs presidential education
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According to Festus Keyamo, the official spokesperson for APC and a SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria). WAEC certificate is not required to be the President of Nigeria. “There are other levels of qualifications to run for the office of President.” As important as they are the current President has never been able to produce these “other” qualifications or any traditional qualifications.

This Senior Advocate of Nonsense, further made justifications for his statement in order to back up the claim that for the legal motion filed by APC that the candidacy of Atiku in the election, is void because he is a Cameroonian and not a Nigerian.

The official PDP response has been to dare President Buhari to release his own WAEC papers since he claims he does have a suitable Nigerian education. The suspicion around the Presidents documents of education has been topic of curiosity and suspicion for several years. Be on the lookout so see if there is a possibility of this actually happening, but hopefully one of his aides will let him know that a certificate of Integrity won’t settle the matter. Read more

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