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Bordered by the Chad Republic and Niger on the north, the Atlantic Ocean on the south, the Benin Republic on the west, and Cameroon on the east. Nigeria’s vast terrain changes from the Niger Delta that is oil-rich in the southern part of the savanna-covered high plateaus found in the north. Down towards the coast is the rain forest belt region. In spite of some minor political instabilities and the insecurity witnessed in Nigeria, there are several interesting facts about Nigeria that you probably didn’t know and if you do…… let’s jog your memory a bit.

There are over 350 Ethnic Groups.

Ethnic groups in Nigeria

One interesting fact about Nigeria is her multi-ethnicity. Nigeria boasts of over 350 ethnic groups and tribes. However, three tribes are the most dominant, namely, the Igbo that makes up 18% of the population, the Yoruba that makes up 21% and the Hausa-Fulani the largest one with 29%.

See the full list here

One of Human Existence’s Oldest Locations.

Nok cave

According to evidence from archaeological sites and discoveries, Nigeria has a history of human existence that has been dated back as far as 9000 BC. The Nok civilization is the earliest civilization in the country, which took place around 500 BC up to 200 AD.

Largest Butterfly Diversity.

Monarch Butterflies
Monarch butterflies

Nigeria boasts as being the most appropriate habitat of the largest diversity in the world of butterflies, the most colorful creatures. The areas that surround Calabar, Cross River State, located in the country’s southern region, are widely believed to harbor the largest diversity of butterflies in the world.

Highest Number of Universities in a State.

Hallmark university
Hallmark University, Ogun state.

Ogun State is one of the states located in the western part of Nigeria. It has a total of nine registered universities, making it the state with the highest number of such institutions of higher learning in the country.

Social Media Capital of the World.

Nigerian twitter

As one of the most industrialized African countries, perhaps this is not one of the most surprising facts about Nigeria, nonetheless, it’s interesting. About 75% of the total population uses social media on a regular basis. 

What’s unique for the Nigerian population is that the majority uses a smartphone rather than a computer or laptop. 

Nollywood is the Second Largest Movie Industry in the World.

Lion heart
Genevieve Nnaji in the movie “Lionheart”.

Nollywood is the nickname for the Nigerian Movie Industry, and it’s even bigger than Hollywood. It is estimated to be second in the world, only to Bollywood in India. 

About 200 movies are produced every week, which means that Nollywood produces more than 10 000 movies per year!

Eagle is the Nigerian national animal.

African Fish Eagle
The Africa Fish Eagle.

Eagles are one of the most popular birds worldwide because of their peculiarities and their reference to being one of the most powerful and resilient birds of the wild. They are particularly referenced in various cultures, social and religious settings in contexts of strength, power, freedom, and success. That’s why we have one on the coat of arms.

You can find out more on these birds and other birds in Nigeria here

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