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Lagos is becoming more notorious for its traffic gridlock, the unpredictability of it can drive the average commuter mad. In spite of the praise, the city gets on social media for its beautiful sights and attractions, people are usually astounded with the length of time they spend trying to get to their destinations.

With everyone hurrying to weave their way out of the jam, there is the possibility that drivers and commuters alike will ‘sleep there’.

You can’t win….

However, since the government doesn’t seem to be doing anything about the traffic situation, here are some ways you put it to good use.

1. SLEEP (Passengers only!).


Sleep is a very important part of one’s health, most times you have to leave home early for work, school and others to get to your destinations on time (chuckles in Lagos traffic). However, regardless, you might still get stuck in traffic.

Think positive, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Studies show that lack of adequate sleep is harmful to the health, so please take that much-needed shuteye.

2. Eat.


Might as well catch up on that breakfast you missed or the dinner you’re about to miss. The traffic hawkers have almost the snacks and foodstuff you need.

Gala and Lacasera might not meet up with regular everyday meal requirements, but they go a long way in quenching the hunger.

3. Read Something (Anything).


That Ebook you’ve been sidelining because you don’t have time, Lagos traffic has given you a chance to get more enlightened. Your options are not limited to the Ebook though, you can check out novels (most hawkers have a plethora of books for sale), articles, blogs, news feeds, informative Twitter threads, and stories.

You can start with our site *winks

4. Listen to a Podcast.


Most podcasts last for around 30 to 60minutes which fits perfectly in your Lagos traffic playlist. A great chance to learn new things while at the wheel, plus most podcasts are interactive so that helps with keeping the mind stimulated and the body awake.

You can find podcasts on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Google Podcast.

Check out some suggestions here.

5. Make The Best Use Of Your Phone.

talking on the phone

If you always find yourself stuck in the evening traffic on your way home, then there’s a high chance you probably don’t have time for your family and friends, you’re not jollof rice, you can’t visit or hang out with everyone during the weekends. But you can call them and have some banter over the phone.

Heck, you can have business meetings over the phone, just make it a video call so those facial expressions can work their magic. Remember to use it handsfree when making these calls.

6. Catch Up on Your Favourite Series.


Top Boy isn’t gonna watch itself you know. In the predictably unpredictable Lagos traffic, watching that 40mins series would be enough to take your mind out of the chaos happening around you and into the world of Dushane in Hackney.

7. Social Media.


Nothing beats the banter on the streets of Twitter or the endless video feed on Instagram, be it funny or informative or both! You never get bored.

From Sanwolu being the pointing Governor to the drama unfolding in Aso Rock.

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