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Ember or no ember, the world has never really been a safe place. With so many incidents of rape, robbery, kidnapping all other criminal activities, it remains important to always have a strategic plan ready. Before diving into the tool kit to fit this plan, here are a few pointers

Make sure you get really familiar with the products

Some of the products listed below need a little familarization before they can work for you. It’s important to get accustomed to them. This is because if a situation arises when you may need it, it is possible that anxiety might keep you from thinking straight.

Don’t depend on just one of these products

In fact make a kit out of everyone of them. No one really knows the kind of situation they might find themselves in, so it’s important to hold unto all of them just in case. Like they say, you can never be too safe.

You don’t need a gun to feel safe

A lot of people think that a gun is the fastest way to get an assailant down. They are right. However it is dangerous to do so. In fact, in a country like Nigeria where security officers are always on a lookout, carrying a gun is ill-advised. This is also because no known law in Nigeria has permitted the use of guns by ordinary citizens . Moreso, although pocket knives are seen as a very viable self-defense tool, some security officers might not grasp that level of reasoning

On that note, here are some tools that might help…

You can never go wrong with a taser

What a taser does is basically to deliver an electric shock to the assailant. It doesn’t usually cause injury but can paralyze the assailant temporarily. The taser usually has a long wire which can hit an assailant from up to 15 feet away. There are various designs of tasers made in such a way that it easily blends with daily personal effects

Blind them with pepper spray

You don’t actually get to blind them.Stronger than a yoruba stew, pepper spray pretty much delivers what you want and quickly too. The pepper which burns at a very high degree will keep the assailant painfully busy enough for the intended victim to escape. Just like most sprays, it can work at a reasonable distance and can keep the assailant screaming for a couple of minutes. However using Pepper spray in very closed space is not really advisable as it may affect the intended victim too and no-one wants that

Get a latch if you don’t have one

Some crimes are committed when you think you are safe in your car. Many people have been attacked, injured and thrown in the boots of their own cars. Some of them don’t come out alive and some of them only return after a significant ransom has been paid. Scary isn’t it?

The latch in the boot or trunk gives you the opportunity to open the boot of your car from the inside.

Stun them silly

A lot of people seem to think a taser and a stun gun are alike but they aren’t. With stun guns, you have to be in direct contact with the assailant. However a taser is effective from up to 15 feet away. The stun gun temporarily disrupts muscle functions of the assailant thereby giving the intended victim a chance to whoop the assailant’s ass or run.

A self-defense key chain

You know how really loud an alarm can be? A self-defense keychain acts as a personal alarm that helps to ward off attackers. Criminals usually tend to do quick and quiet acts without any form of disruptions and a loud keychain can quickly foil that plan making them flee.

Tactical flashlight

We know, flashlights doesn’t seem like a serious weapon but it could be. In circumstances where you feel an assailant approaching you, you can point the flashlight to his/her face. This could stop anyone for a few seconds and even leave them trying to adjust to the light a few seconds after flashing. However this may not be so effective in the day time or where the assailants are numerous

Tactical knives

Depending on the environment you leave in, it may be safer not to carry a knife.

Use your defense weapons with caution

Don’t go around crying wolf. Make sure you have a good enough reason to use any of these weapon without breaking any laws. Stay safe out there

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