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It’s National boyfriend’s day (October 3rd), finally, a day for the guys and the Boyfriend (s) at the Talkabout office have decided to compile a list of goodies we would love to get. Anything to get our minds away from the chaos happening all around us.

Here are some of the gifts/gestures we feel most guys will really appreciate.

FIFA 20.


99.95% of guys love to play FIFA even if they don’t show it, the remaining 0.05% play PES. A surprise package like this will go a long way in cementing your love. If he doesn’t have a console, then waste no time in getting a PS4 in the process. Ps. Do not get him PES 20, no Nigerian guy wants to be left out amongst his peers.

Take Him Out on a Date.


All guys love to be pampered. A night out at a nice restaurant or a movie date (a movie of his choice of course) will go a long way in making him feel really special…… boys love the attention sometimes you know.

Take Him Shopping.


Not every time you buy him singlets and boxers, sometimes you take him to the mall to select himself and then let him have fun filling up the shopping cart……all bills on you though.

Fill Up His Tank.


Wanna a man blush? Buy him a full tank of fuel, we promise you’ll be on his mind for the next two weeks. For maximum points, give the man’s chariot a full engine service and have him dreaming of you for the rest of the year-ish.

Netflix and Chill.

Netflix and chill

Stay with me, a nice Netflix movie or a series to binge-watch all day with lots of food…..guys love food, lots of food. If you were thinking of something else, shame on you ;).

To all the single guys out there….e go be.

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