Angry lady
Angry lady
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The ride-sharing apps are meant to be convenient and stress free. Yet, we continue to hear about tensions rising in rides. The latest being from a “Premium Jollof” (Nigerian, Ghanaian, or Senegalese?) and a Bolt (Taxify) driver

Riders say the drivers are reckless.

Drivers say the riders have no respect.

We’ve noticed most of this beef is between male drivers and female riders. So we’ve come up with 5 ways to diffuse any tension with your ride-sharing driver so both of you get a 5-star rating.


Oh, you didn’t know the drivers rate you as well? Be wise oh!


1. They’re not your driver

By thinking of them as “Drivers,” we tend to equate them with domestic staff we can order around. No be so. We suggest calling them “Uber/Bolt Partners.” If you think about it, they’re in partnership with Uber and Bolt. They’re business owners. They’re CEOs of their own SME.

2. Stop answering the phone with “Where are you?”

You order your ride. You see the car approaching your pickup point on the map. Your phone rings, and the first word out of your mouth is “Where are you?” That is a recipe for tension. A greeting never killed anyone. When you answer the phone, drop a sweet good morning/afternoon/evening and then ask where the driver is located

3. Sit in front, not at the back

Nigerians like to form important. Balance at the back like you’re P Diddy in his Bentley driven by his chauffeur. Sitting in front brings a level of closeness and intimacy between you and the operator of the vehicle.

4. Smile. The driver is not your emotional punching bag

Regardless of the kind of day you are having, the ride-sharing vehicle operator is not there for you to take your frustrations out on. Once you enter the front seat, smile. Greet them again. This is almost guaranteed to ensure you have a smooth ride.

5. “Your car smells nice” is not sexual harassment

Want to make a driver of the vehicle like you instantly? Compliment the smell of the car. Even if it smells like fish were forgotten in the boot of the car, still compliment the driver and then you can report that in your rating after the ride is over. If the car really does smell nice, let it be known the moment you get into the vehicle. It’s no different from complimenting Cologne or Perfume. It will make the driver feel at ease and ensure a healthy atmosphere between you two.

Any other tips we left out? Give us a shout and keep talking!

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