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Diet tips usually suck. Most of the time they involve daily trips to the farmers market to buy expensive ingredients that require a lot of skill and time to prepare in a way that makes them interesting. Then, after weeks of changing your whole life routine, you see gradual effects.

When you get right down to it, it’s usually in an effort to look better naked. After all, fitness is great and our species is all about survival of the fittest, insofar as most likely to get laid.

So here’s an easy diet tip that will make sure that when you get laid, you get laid again. Drink more water. It’s that simple. If you want to be a sex machine you want to be a well-oiled sex machine, but unlike machines, human bodies take water as opposed to oil.

Here are 6 reasons why drinking more water will benefit you during sex.

  1. More Libido Your cells need water to function. With more water you get healthier cells that can transport oxygen through your brain and body. It also helps your metabolism. This gives you both physical and mental energy that can be put to use in the bedroom. Being dehydrated will cause your body to relieve stress hormones because your body goes into survival mode which throws off sexual hormones like testosterone. Increased blood flow is also necessary for sexual organs to function and is aided by drinking water.
  2. Sweat stinks less Smell is super important when it comes to sex. You can light as many lavender scented candles as you want, when you’re naked and sweaty there is going to be a smell. If you’re well hydrated your sweat will have a higher water content and will have less salt and other toxins your skin emits through sweat glands which cause body odor.
  3. More Bodily Fluids When it comes to lubrication all natural is always the most convenient way to go. You can always quickly dry off, but stopping things and grabbing a bottle of lube can be a bummer. Saliva is also fantastic lubricant, and your body can only make it if you give it enough water. Semen is obviously water based, so staying hydrated will increase amount and even lighten the taste and smell.
  4. Better Skin/lips Dry flaky skin is not ideal for groping and nobody wants to kiss dry cracked lips. Having cracked dry lips can put a damper on any make out session as well. If you want succulent lips and soft skin, drink more water.
  5. Less muscle fatigue Going all night long can be exhausting. By repairing your muscle tissue through increased blood flow you’re recovery time is going to be faster than ever. This means from the gym earlier, sex the night before, or the sex you’re still breathing heavily from. Muscles are 75% water, you can’t go wrong here.
  6. More Flexible Guess what the main ingredient in your tendons and ligaments are? Water also makes up the lubricant between joints called synovial fluid you hear yogis yammer on about. Putting your legs behind your head just got a little bit easier. You’re welcome. I’m talking to you too guys. Studies show that around 70% of our population is dehydrated. If you’re thirsty, it’s already too late. There is no set amount you’re supposed to drink and it varies depending on exercise, diet, and alcohol consumption. Alcohol not only doesn’t hydrate you and dehydrate you, it also keeps you from getting hydrated by causing you to pee all the time. Funny we go out to get drinks before having sex. This may be doing us more harm than we realize. So get a good water bottle, drink from it all day long, and reap the benefits.


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