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Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) has been a topic of discussion for the past few days. From the comment made by blogger Tunde Ednut to the logo proposals by creatives, Innoson has had quite a month. They have so far gained a lot of traction from adversity; talkabout free marketing! Here are a few things you may not know about the Nigerian vehicle brand:

Innoson Vehicles are used in other countries

Yup, Nigeria is not the only country that uses Innoson vehicles. Other West African countries like Ghana, Mali and Sierra Leone support the Innoson brand.

The name ‘Innoson’ might have emanated from the CEO’s real name

Innoson’s CEO’S full name is actually Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma. We are not too sure about this but we were thinking the name Innoson might have probably emanated from the CEO’s name. Maybe Innocent and sons?

Innoson cars are not actually made in Nigeria

Sucks right? Contrary to popular belief, Innoson vehicles are not entirely made in Nigeria. What happens is that parts of the vehicle are imported from different countries like Japan, Germany and China and assembled here in Nigeria. However, in recent times there have been speculations that Innoson actually imports these cars wholly from a Chinese automobile company named BAIC and simply rebrands it.

Nigerian Private Citizens Rarely Patronise the Innoson Brand

Nigerians will easily tear anyone who condemns the Innoson vehicle to shreds at any point. However research has shown that Nigerian private citizens do not patronise Innoson vehicles but go for foreign made cars. Innoson vehicles are actually principally purchased by government officials. The reason? We are not so sure. It just might be bad marketing or simply distrust for made in Nigeria products by Nigerians.

Ben Murray Bruce is a strong advocate of the Innoson brand

In 2016 Ben Murray Bruce (aka Common sense senator) eagerly advocated for the Innoson brand. He even went head to replace his private car with an Innoson vehicle. Maybe Innoson should have probably made him brand ambassador, oh well.

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