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Guess who just opened up a branch in Warri? Yup, it’s Miniso. This addictive Japanese store already has 11 branches across Nigeria and based on the success of sales aims to expand to 200 branches before the end of 2019. How do you say hooray in Japanese? With its cutesy store layouts and the range of goodies, they are feeding our insatiable hunger for useless (but pretty) items. But let’s be honest the number 1 thing Miniso feeds is buyer’s remorse. Miniso is just one of those places, we don’t care who you are, the Miniso Cloud sets into your brain when you walk in and the prices 2k here 4k there. Before you know it you’ve spent 20k. 

Check out these items below and just try and stop yourself from going to your nearest shop and grabbing them.

Miniso face scrub

Facial treatment is one way to keep your face glowing. It rejuvenates & detoxifies skin, prevents ageing, promotes blood circulation. Plus its much cheaper than the Clarisonic which is $199 hmm

Miniso waterbottle

  With all shapes and sizes, you can keep hydrated at work, at the gym on the go, at some point your going to need that water bottle. It makes life so much easier and it’s much more economical than buying a bottle of water every time. Be warned they have glass and ceramic ones. If you have butterfingers then make sure you get a plastic one.


What colour and how and how much storage do you need. If you still don’t have one stop punishing yourself or do you just like suffering. At Miniso they have a variety of colours and storage sizes to suit your needs. Don’t make any excuses charge down there and pick one up.

Bath Slippers

You don’t have to manage with a pair of dreary rubber slippers from the market. Have a bit of style (even when you are by yourself in the bathroom) mix it up by getting these cute slides. But we hope you can find your size oh. It’s like the Japanese think all of us should have dainty feet like them. If your shoe size is above 40 just skip this pointer.


They have a few lipstick options that lets be honest won’t be MAC makeup level, but we’ve tried and tested them they aren’t too bad. Cost wise they are definitely cheaper than MAC so why not give them a go. We’d recommend asking for testers before you buy one.

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