Money heist
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The award-winning show is about a group of people, each with a very different background, who agree to break into the Royal Mint of Spain to print billions of Euros.

There’s a mastermind behind it all named ‘el Professor’ who keeps in touch with the others to ensure that everything is carried out the way he has so meticulously planned it to. Throughout the whole heist, there are a series of events that occur, and the story unfolds in such a way that it just blows your mind after every episode.

Money Heist’ aka ‘La Casa de Papel’ broke all records with 34 million views on Netflix in just seven days and also went on to win an International Emmy Award as Best Drama Series. Here are 5 reasons why you should watch it!

 1. It Keeps You At The Edge Of Your Seats.

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One of the most important things about any tv show is that it never gets boring (duh!). The overall plot of this show is amazing, and the way it’s carried out always keeps you at the edge of your seat wanting more. Each episode reveals more to the story that helps you put together the genius plan that el Professor has come up with. Another great thing about this show is that there’s truly something for everyone in it – from romance to action and suspense, everyone is bound to find something they love about it. 

2. The Characters.

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It is weird how we do not know the real names of our principal characters until the second half of the show. We only know they by their ‘city’ call names: Tokyo, Nairobi, Moscow, Berlin, Rio, Denver or Oslo. Also, the most important character, the brain of this mission is only known as ‘el Professor’. Which is brings a cloud of mystery throughout the series.

Fun fact: This show was originally made and broadcast in Spanish. However, the show was not successful initially. Some of its cast members were unemployed when Netflix bought it.

3. Witty writing.

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The witty, sharp writing is the clear winner for the show! The theme of “heist” might be old and overused, but the plot has been so intelligently crafted that it immediately drags you in. The biggest strong point for ‘Money Heist’ is how it drops the concealed information at just the right moments.

4. The Empathetic factor

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The story may be centered around a bunch of robbers but as an audience, we ended up being on their side, particularly because of their smart, shrewd way of handling things.

Moreover, their target of not hurting a single captive in the room only adds to it. Yes, it is intentional, as The Professor says in a scene, “The moment there is a single drop of blood, we’ll stop being Robin Hoods and become simple crooks.”

But it still works its magic. The mask-wearing crew may encompass dangerous criminals with skill sets of their own, but beneath their killer streak lies a relatable human side. 

5. Unlike Any Other.

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The spectacular ending in each episode has been perfectly fleshed out. The cliffhangers create intrigue in the minds of viewers and that’s how you get hooked! Director Diego Ávalos said: “We are proud of bringing stories that are made in Spain, to the world. It has been loved by fans all around the world because of the authenticity and originality of storytelling.” A TV version of “page-turner”, it blends political messages, psychological games, and interpersonal conflict into a riveting story.

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