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The days of eating boring lunches at work can just pile on. Instead of looking forward to that time in the afternoon when you can relax, take a break and attack a delicious meal, the office lunch can become a bit of a drag. 

What form of rice did they bring me today? Jolly rice on Monday, Rice and Stew on Tuesday,  Indomie on Wednesday, and what are we having the next day again…jollof.

No! you have to get out of this rice rut. Pull yourself together, Lagos is a bustling town of business, opportunities and last but not least delicious food options. Try something new this week and take our new lunch challenge by ordering these dishes from these Lagos restaurants.

1. Prawn and Pesto Toastie from Toasties


Crunchie and chewy yet surprisingly flavoured with a mildly spiced pesto sauce. A great choice for a combo that seems like it wouldn’t work but it does. One thing you may find with the meatier options on the menu is the bread starts to become soggy if left in its package for a short period of time. So if your delivery is stuck in a few minutes of traffic you’ll be greatly disappointed. The prawn and pesto manage to stay relatively soggy free.

Check them out here

2. Empire Burger from Samanthas Bistro.

A burger that is filled with as much drama as the tv show Empire. Tomato relish, double beef, caramelised onions…mozzorella. Most of us usually wait till the weekend before treating ourselves to a juicy burger. But why wait? Treat yourself during the week and have this exciting epic dish to spice up your lunch.

Check them out here

3. Did someone say spice?….Pepper it up with the Ewa Agoyin Sandwich from Danfo Bistro.

Ewa agoyin at danfo bistro

The Ewa agoyin comes with a tased pepper sauce that compliments the sweetness of the agege bread in the most fantastic combinations. At Danfo they took bread and beans to a whole other level.

Check them out here

4. Hot Box Chicken from Chow Noodle Bar.

chow noodle

Swap the Indiomie for some fun Chinese noodles you can eat straight from the box just like the movies. The hot box chicken was the tastiest out of the orders on the menu because of the crunchy stir fry vegetables and the succulent chicken pieces that filled the entire box. Be warned, don’t ask for the shrimp because you’ll only get like 3 pieces.

Check them out here

5. Pick Me Up Smoothie from Simply Green Juices.

simply green

For those days when you are having a cleanse or a fast why not try a smoothie for lunch instead of a meal. Studies show that a body cleanse from time to time re-ignites your organs and gets all the toxins from the unhealthy (yet delicious) foods we pump into our bodies. The pick me up smoothie has carrots, apple, ginger, lemon, and apple. We’d advise you take it on your least busy day and follow this up with a heavy dinner.

Check them out here

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