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Cable News reports that Andry Rajoelina, president of Madagascar, says he wonders whether a European country would have received the same suspicion and doubt like his country has faced if it had produced a cure for COVID-19.

Speaking during an interview with France 24, Rajoelina said Madagascar has enough proof to show that COVID-Organics (CVO), a herbal remedy produced by his country and touted to cure the coronavirus, works.

He said the remedy is made up of 62 percent of artemisia, a plant with proven efficacy in malaria treatment, and other indigenous herbs.

The president said his country has conducted a clinical observation of the herbal cure in line with guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and has fully complied with universally recognised standards.

Asked if he gets the impression that doubts about the drug come from western countries or pharmaceutical lobbyists, Rajoelina replied that a lot of people keep badmouthing the product when it has been used to save lives.

“Well, we have individually introduced the remedy which contains Malagasy medicinal plants. This is something we are used to in Madagascar. 80% of the population use it,” he said.

“COVID-Organics is a preventive and curative remedy against COVID-19. It works really well and it is as a result of the research carried out by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research which has the status of an original research centre.

“This been said, we use a tonic, in order words, we brew medicinal herbs in boiling water in order to extract the active ingredients. That’s our traditional medicine; it is famous and recognized because it works.

“My question for you is: what if this remedy has been discovered by a European country instead of Madagascar, will people doubt it so much? I don’t think so. I can tell you that the Madagascar patients who have received the remedy prove that it works,” he said,

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